Anonymous said: Do you take Angel gifset requests? Or are you Buffy only?

Since I’ve never seen Angel, I only do Buffy requests - sorry!



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Anonymous said: Hi! So glad your blog is active again. I hope you've been well. My dash has been lacking in Buffy posts. Are there any you can recommend? For some reason, the ones I followed before aren't around anymore. Thanks!

first of all, thank you so much! Secondly, I don’t follow many Buffy blogs but I do have some I’d recommend

danielosbourne charismacarpenters bufflehane annesteele

they are my favorites and i always say this but i’d recommend asking rolly (annesteele) bc she follows the most buffy blogs (i think)


revolvingabbeyroad said: hello! just wanted to say I love your blog. Buffy is very under appreciated on this site due to the abundance of supernatural, but it's one of my favorite shows, I grew up watching it with my dad and it's awesome to see some recognition for it!



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