Anonymous: How do you make your gifs look so HQ?

it comes down to three main things

1) the torrent - if you have a bad quality torrent no matter what you do, your gifs won’t look HQ. Unfortunately, btvs isn’t in 720p but there are some pretty decents torrents out there

2) the coloring - if your gifs are too vibrant/saturated the gif will look all pixelated. i still haven’t gotten this system down though, i’m guessing it just takes a lot of practice

3) the sharpening - this is pretty self-explanatory, find a good sharpening action or i can tell you which one i use (although i change it so often)

Anonymous: out of every episode of btvs, from the most intense to the most meaningful episodes written, my favourite will always be living conditions. kathy was the best and cher will never leave my head hahaha

living conditions was a really enjoyable episode - plus “SHE IRONS HER JEANS! SHE’S EVIL!” iconic tbh

my favorite episodes are probably the gift, hush, becoming part 2, and passions (not that you asked lol)

spikesroots: I have the buffy box set and I love it. It has a little book with Joss' fav episodes and episode guide and there's also a bonus DVD that's really cool too

here ya go anon!!

Anonymous: Hey, I'm a super big Buffy fan. She's my everything. I was going to buy the complete collection on DVD.. but I'm unsure. Should I buy each individual series or the collection? Is there a difference in quality or is the box art the only difference? Could you please clarify. I figured if anyone could help, it'd be you. I really appreciate the help! Love your blog.

I actually am not sure tbh..but hopefully some of my followers can help you? If it makes any difference, I have the individual seasons.

xvilte: bless this blog oh my god i needed more buffy in my life and now i found it and its the best day and i have you to thank wowow <33